Cool Things to Borrow

Our big collection of cool things is free to borrow and use! Some are available to borrow and take home, others can only be used in library. To learn more or to book one of these, let us know at the front desk, over the phone, Facebook, or email.

Equipment Lending FAQ



We have 8 iPads available to borrow. Talk to the front desk if you would prefer to use an iPad over one of our public computers.


Microsoft Surface Go

Our Microsoft Surface Go tablets and pens are available for in-library use.



Talking Book Player

We have several Victor Readers available to borrow, along with a large collection of books on CD.



36 Cup Coffee Urn

If you are hosting an event, we have got you covered! Borrow our 36 Cup Coffee Urn for the day.

Seed Library

Seed Library

Click here to learn more about our seed library, offered in partnership with the Whitestone Agricultural Society.


Fitbit Charge HRs

Our Fitbits are available to borrow for four weeks at a time.



We have an Ozobot kit to play with in library! These fun little robots are a great intro to coding for kids.


park passes

Provincial Park Passes

We have three provincial park day passes that you can borrow for a week at a time!


Board Games

Our growing collection of board games is ready to borrow for a one week loan period.


We have several pairs of snowshoes and poles that are ready to borrow during the winter months! Snowshoe kits can be borrowed for one week at a time.


Kobo Aura h20 Edition 2

We have five Kobo Aura h20 Edition 2s available to borrow for four weeks at a time.


Page Magnifier

Our Merlin Enhanced Vision Page Magnifier is in our computer room. Need assistance? Staff members are available to help out.

Therapy Light

Light Therapy Lamp

Our iMac comes equipped with video and audio editing software. Need it for a specific project? Feel free to book ahead.

Puzzle (300 Piece); End of Summer


We have a large and growing collection of puzzles. You can borrow puzzles for three weeks at a time. Not finished in time? Let us know and we will renew it for you. 🙂

Fishing Rods

Thanks to the Whitestone Rod and Gun Club and Tackleshare, we have a number of fishing rods, tackle boxes, and ice fishing kits available to borrow! You can borrow our fishing kits for 1 week at a time.