Puzzle Collection

Want to borrow a puzzle? Let us know through email (whitestonelibrary@vianet.ca), phone (705-389-3311) and we can arrange for curbside pickup! 

Puzzle (1000 piece); Marina Grande, Capri, Italy;
Puzzle (300 piece); Knight's Adventure
Puzzle (1000 piece); Light Aircraft
Puzzle (900 piece); New York: History Over Time
Puzzle (300 piece); The White House
Puzzle (750 piece); Harbour Lights by James Coleman
Puzzle (1000 piece); Candy Galore
Puzzle (1000 piece); Pyramids of Giza, Egypt
Puzzle (1000 piece); Harbour
Puzzle (1000 piece); Darling Duo
Puzzle (1000 piece); Cruisin' Route 66
Puzzle (1000 piece); Winter Magic by Mark Keathley
Puzzle (550 piece); Beachside Lighthouse by David Maclean
Puzzle (500 piece); Burano Island Canal
Puzzle (300 Piece); End of Summer
Puzzle (300 Piece); New Friends
Puzzle (300 Piece); Moonlight Serenity
Puzzle (300 Piece); End of Summer
Puzzle (4 x 500 Piece); Disney Thomas Kinkade
Puzzle (1000 Piece); Stoney-Brook Cottage by Dennis Lewan
Puzzle (1000 Piece); Sugar and Spice
Puzzle (500 Piece); The Garden Warblers
Puzzle (500 Piece); The Colours of Spring
Puzzle (500 Piece); Imagination in Motion
Puzzle (500 Piece); Mountain Lake
Puzzle (500 Piece); Scenic Spot of the World
Puzzle (500 Piece); Good Night Quebec!
Puzzle (1000 Piece); Gay Head Light
Puzzle (500 Piece); Days to Remember
Puzzle (1500 Piece); S.N.S.M. Le Prince D'eckmühl
Puzzle (2 x 500, 2 x 1000 Piece); Family Pack
Puzzle (550 Piece); Wizard
Puzzle (750 Pieces); Flitterbyes
Puzzle (300 Pieces); Winter Wolf Pack
Puzzle (300 Pieces); Dogs Catching Treats
Puzzle (1000 Pieces); Ice cream on the Boardwalk