During the 2014-2018 term The Whitestone Public Library Board created its first strategic plan after gathering community input through customer feedback forms, online and paper surveys, staff and board input.

Libraries today are constantly evolving and adapting to new technologies, trends and the changing needs of our communities.

This new strategic plan entitled “The Little Library with BIG Ideas” details the Whitestone Public Library’s mission, vision, core values and key services and lays out 3 strategic priorities to focus on.

1. To improve and expand the public library facility
2. To provide innovative and engaging programs and services
3. To develop Library People and Partnerships (Staff, board, volunteers and the community)

Goals and action plans have been established in order to achieve these priorities and the library board is confident that the accomplishment of these priorities will serve the future needs of our community.


Mission Statement

The Whitestone Public Library is dedicated to offering a full range of materials, programs and services that advance the personal growth, life-long learning and recreational interests of our community.

Vision Statement

We envision the library as the hub for the community to work, relax, socialize, learn and participate in activities, programs and services.

Core Values

We will provide service excellence.
We will provide equitable and open access to services, information and facilities.
We will enhance library service in an open and welcoming environment. We will strive to create a progressive and accountable organization.
We will be the leading source of information for the community.
We will provide a safe and respectful atmosphere for staff and the public. We will promote lifelong learning.
We will foster community spirit.
We will enhance quality of life for our community by providing a diverse collection of programs and materials.
We will encourage staff and board members to continue their ongoing education.

Key Services

  • Provision of reading and viewing materials
  • Business and non-profit organization support
  • Photocopy, scanning, laminating, fax services
  • Interlibrary loan service
  • Computers and wireless internet
  • Community information
  • Leaders in technology
  • Children’s programs
  • Seniors programs
  • Partnering with other organizations for community education and enrichment
  • Library services to homebound clients
  • Social interface for the community

Strategic Priorities, Goals and Action Plans

Improve and expand the public library facility

Goal: To provide a more usable, expanded library facility

Action Plan

  1. In conjunction with the Municipality prepare and render a “shovel ready” design package for all phases of the proposed public library facility upgrades, which will include information to complete tenders, assessments, studies, plans and supporting documentation to engage in a design build process for the proposed renovations/expansion.
  2. Amend and add elements to the design build project process which will speak to and reflect the current and future needs of library staff, patrons and visitors which will address the layout, multi-use flexible areas and program and service delivery aspects of the public library’s role as the hub of the community.
  3. Communicate reasonable and cost effective library specific design best practices to architects and builders to address modern technology needs of modern library patrons, staff and visitors to the public library in the design build process.
  4. In conjunction with the Municipality supply the “shovel ready design” package to appropriate partners, agencies, grantors and funding bodies to assist with the acquisition of necessary funds to complete all phases of the project.
  5. Build and develop on the dialogue created with the Municipality to feature the renovated library facility as a central part of the “Campus Style” approach to the town center services and programs.

Goal: To actively pursue funding and fundraising opportunities relevant to the library expansion

Action Plan

  1. Develop a capital campaign and long term fundraising plan for the public library to acquire personal, corporate and charitable donations to allow supporters, businesses and charitable organizations to assist the with library’s long term growth in the community.
  2. Develop a formal campaign to offer opportunities to directly sponsor areas/rooms/sections of the renovated library facility to be named for private, corporate or charitable organizations donations in consultation with the Municipality.
  3. Register and maintain a charitable number designation from the Canadian Government to facilitate donations made to the public library
  4. Launching a capital building campaign in the community to raise appropriate funds to contribute to the new library expansion of the facility
  5. Investigate and pursue available capital granting programs appropriate to the library expansion in conjunction with the Municipality.
  6. Develop a capital campaign targeted at partners/external service providers
  7. Develop a grass roots fundraising campaign to include the community, members and other opportunities towards building expansion
  8. Establish a legacy giving program / planned giving program for the public library

Provide Innovative and engaging programs and services

Goal: To offer and provide programs and services that reflect needs and trends.

Action Plan

  1. Assess the community needs on an ongoing basis
  2. Continue to be a community hub and a place where all are welcome year round.
  3. Provide innovative programs and services for all residents.
  4. Provide access to technology for business services.
  5. Secure funding for programs for all ages, targeting seniors and children.

Goal: To develop a technology plan to identify and address all desired and necessary hardware, software and related budgetary needs related to key technology services to library users in our community.

Action Plan

  1. Staff to inform to the public library board on significant trends, relevant technological tools, changes or challenges arising in the technological landscape which will impact the delivery of programs, services and collections within the public library
  2. Develop a technology plan and matching technology budget
  3. Create workbooks, toolkits, seminars, presentations and unique take-away style documentation to enhance technological knowledge and awareness.
  4. Provide support for the library’s online resources
  5. Evaluate current programs and services relating to the use of technology in our public library.

Develop Library People and Partnerships (Staff, board, volunteers and the community)

Goal: Develop and expand staff/board training and resources

Action Plan

  1. Identify and implement appropriate educational/professional development programming for staff to address technological demands in the public library.
  2. Determine annual training budget
  3. Determine professional development targets for each staff member 4.Provide training and resources to staff and board
  4. Develop Legacy Document


Goal: Cultivate partnerships

Action Plan

  1. Maintain existing partnerships
  2. Develop new partnerships with existing community groups
  3. Invite local, regional partners to be more engaged in the public library
  4. Participate in local/regional networking opportunities to source new public library partnerships
  5. Create a team responsible for the planning of the expansion of the library, including design and operational
  6. Invite local experts to share their specific knowledge and skills and interests.

Goal: Volunteer Management

Action Plan

  1. Continue to foster a pleasant atmosphere to encourage volunteerism at the public library.
  2. Assess and plan for the volunteer needs in our public library
  3. Develop effective recruitment strategies to enhance the volunteer experience in the public library
  4. Expand the scope of volunteerism in our public library to address community, regional or other types of expertise who could contribute to the fostering and growth of our public library
  5. Create volunteer orientation and training
  6. Identify volunteer opportunities at the public library
  7. Create a volunteer database

Goal: Develop and update the public library’s use of social media

Action Plan

  1. Maintain Library’s Social Media Accounts
  2. Awareness of current Social Media trends
  3. Profile of a person connected to the public library (staff, board member, member, community partner

The Strategic Planning Team

The Strategic Plan Committee

Gayle Harris – Board Chairperson Cathy Lamb
Peggi Woehl
Lori Guillemette - CEO

Whitestone Public Library Board Members (2018)

Gayle Caldwell
Elizabeth Hamilton
Gayle Harris - Chair
Beth Koski
Cathy Lamb
Joe Lamb - Council Representative
Peggi Woehl - Vice-Chair


Steven Kraus – Ontario Library Service – North